DUMB! Both Meanings Apply To Turdo!

Dumb, in North American slang, means stupid!

In its proper, original meaning, it means unable to speak.

Hence both meanings are indeed applicable to Pretty Boy Turdo…



….who made Canada look very foolish with his artfully contrived long silence when asked to comment on President Trump’s sensible warnings to the rabble.




I’m usually benevolent towards dumb animals, but…

Had The Turd any guts at all, he would have told the world what is almost certainly what he thinks, that he’s on the side of the Hate-Trump, Hate-Police mob.

Instead he opted for that silly silence, which won him no friends on either side of the civil war next door.

Yet his big mouth can flap loud and long when it comes to grovelling to Islamists.



We have noticed this aspect if his character before…

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Seeking a seat on the UN Security Council – which, if he gets it, he will undoubtedly use to vote against Western interests – he has been tongue-lashing Israel, grubbing for support among the backward regimes that love to hear such gibbering.


Not to say he only panders to enemies of the West as a tactic or strategy.

Just as his unlamented sire never met a Communist he didn’t like…


…so too with Junior.

He has a genuine affinity with the worst elements in the world.