Boycott Bonneville – Switch Off KHTK Sports – NO TO BLM WITCH-HUNTS!

Indeed, the NEW Inquisition has been rolled out for us to watch the victims being tormented and then repent.



I have never heard of the ‘longtime Sacramento Kings TV broadcaster Grant Napear‘ who quit his job because he dared express respect for all human life rather than one particular part of humanity belonging to one specific racial category.


  • Grant Napear


Mr. Napear had dared to tweet “ALL LIVES MATTER!

That appears to be the new blasphemy, though it summarises the teachings of all Christian denominations.

Not only that but the ‘60-year-old Napear also was fired by KHTK Sports 1140 in Sacramento,’ where he had been a regular host.’

The intolerant swine who run that radio station need to be told what all decent Americans think of their jackboot management style.

Toll Free: (800) 920-1140

Sports 1140 - KHTK - AM 1140 - Sacramento, CA - Escuchar online

Better still, not just Americans, but everyone, anywhere, who reads this, or hears about their Hitlerian approach to freedom of expression, should see to it that they are inundated with protests.

Also any business that advertises on KHTK Sports should be told very clearly that decent people will boycott their products and/or services until the lousy leftists who run the station apologise to Napear and to every listener – AND reinstate the man!

For fun? Write them a story!


The same goes in triplicate for ‘Bonneville International, the station’s parent company!

Bonneville International –

The arrogant ratbags there issued a diktat, no doubt meant as a warning to other staff who might dissent from BLM grovel-think.

According to the Bonneville bullies, Mr.Napear’s “recent comments about the Black Lives Matter movement do not reflect the views or values of Bonneville International Corporation. The timing of Grant’s tweet was particularly insensitive.”



The saddest part of the story is that poor Napear seems to have been beaten down by this shameful treatment

In response to criticism from another Twitter user, Napear said he apologized if his comment came across as “dumb.”


It was not ‘dumb!’ His words represented the values almost every American was brought up to respect.

It’s money-grubbing toe-rags, who fear commercial consequences from the undesirable elements in society, who are dissing decent values, and violating freedom of speech…

….that need to be taught a lesson in economics.

NB Bonneville don’t seem to have an easily accessible email address but here’s the mailing address and phone number –

280 Commerce Circle Sacramento, CA 95815

– and they do have a LOT of subsidiaries, viz. ( in Sacramento alone)

 MIX 96NOW 100.5New Country 105.1 KNCI

Go after them too! ‘

Bankrupt the lousy limousine leftists!