Berlin Buzz-Word For Belly-Achers! ‘Weltanschauung?’

A most peculiar addition to the otherwise rather predictable list of ’equality’ grievance categories popped up in Germany’s decreasingly German capital last week…



…when Berlin’s state legislature passed an ‘anti-discrimination’ diktat requiring ‘public authoritiesincluding police and public schools’ not to discriminate on the following grounds – ‘background, skin colour, gender, religion, physical or mental disability, worldview, age, sexual identity…


….,lack of German language skills, a chronic illness, income, education or occupation.’

Most of the categories are at least intelligible, though exactly what constitutes ‘background’ might be interesting.

However, what about ‘WORLDVIEW?’

EUObs referenced DW, so I went there to have a look, incidentally noticing that both the police unions and Germany’s Federal Interior Minister, Herr Seehofer…


Seehofer ….Mama Stasi

I wonder if the Berlin ‘background’ category is aimed at outlawing any effort by Germans to give priority to their own fellow-citizens before Merkel’s crimmigrant horde?

…have expressed concern that Berlin’s charter for belly-achers might hamper law enforcement.

But the notoriously biased DW failed to clarify what ‘worldview’ actually means, if anything!

But hold on just a goldarn minute!

Weltanschauung entered English in the 1860s from German meaning “world-view.”




It occurred to me to check if it’s meant to be ‘Weltanschauung’ – and so it seems to be.

And though I use that word now and then…

( yes, quite often, and here’s one example –“Zusammengebissenen Zähnen?” Goebbels Grins In His Grave! )



…its definition will surely give Berlin’s ‘Discrimination Sticky-Beaks’ some seriously hard work!

….a person’s philosophic, moral, and religious conclusions — including e.g. the duality of spirit and matter — and perhaps their conclusions about the origins of the universe and of the development of life….conclusions about the state, society, politics and economic activity.
“A person’s conclusions about existence (however tentative) at a particular time of life, after taking a good look at everything they have come across about”.

And so if a police officer is about to accost, arrest, or interrogate a dodgy character, the officer must be clear in his or her own mind that the perceived Weltanschauung of the dodgy character is not causing the officer to discriminate?

My best guess is that the absurd inclusion of Weltanschauung on an already absurd list was inspired by the far-left Berlin ruling class’s sympathy with Kreuzberg klutzes.

Even when I first visited Berlin in the 1960s, that district was known to be a nest of hippies and freakos, many of them spaced out a lot of the time, and thus with a very weird view of the world.

Concepts such as paying for their needs were alien to their Weltanschauung, hence many buildings there were infested with squatters…

…and many of those were anarchists, not ill-disposed to violent assaults on innocent people going about their lawful business, including police officers.

Others were marxists of various brands.

They were a cancer in Society, but no city government ever made more than sporadic efforts to clean Kreuzberg up.

Nowadays there may be more such no-go ( for normal people!) zones…

DWs Dubious Denials On Menacing Migrants! 

…perhaps around Sonnen Allee?

I’m sure German readers can advise on that, and on how ‘Weltanschauung discrimination’ may be detected and dealt with!