Hungary OK! Strasbourg Slugs Exposed!

  • Just a few extracts –  you should read the whole article but this part exposes the sheer hypocrisy and double-standards of the Strasbourg Slugs….

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  • shown again, as so often, to be parasitical prats operating a fake ‘parliament.’
  • ….The European Parliament organised a plenary debate on the conformity of exceptional measures taken by Hungary in relation with the COVID-19 pandemic with European standards. It seemed like a perfect occasion to set the record straight and present the facts and the law as we see it.Of course, Hungary was initially not invited.Mark my words: it did not occur to the organisers of a parliamentary debate about Hungary to invite the Member State concerned. 
  • on my initiative and after my repeated requests, did the president of the European Parliament make the peculiar decision to invite the prime minister, even though it was well known that he could not attend, and to reject the designated representative and cabinet minister of a member state who was able and willing to be present.How can an institution call itself a parliament, where it is not evident to listen to the other party?…..
  • Judit Varga, Hungarian justice minister: ‘

The extraordinary measures introduced in Hungary are not unique in a European comparison – with the exception of being the only ones to grant additional prerogatives to the parliament compared to the constitutional framework.

To support this claim, we have prepared a thorough international comparative analysis, which we have submitted to the Commission and which is accessible on the Hungarian government’s website.

Even though the commission was quick to voice its particular concerns about Hungary, it is yet to make its own comparative analysis public, which has been promised so many times, so that we can share our knowledge in a fair and open constitutional dialogue.

As in the song, I repeatedly asked myself the question: “What I got to do to be heard?”



Hungary has been facing an unprecedented, coordinated political campaign and hysteria for months in relation to the introduction of the state of danger.


In an ideal world, Hungary would be entitled to an apology. But we all know that sorry seems to be the hardest word