Witch-Hunted Stockwell Day Exits With a Whimper!

What a pitiful spectacle Stockwell Day has made of himself.

As a former MP with a reasonably decent record of conservatism, Stockwell Day probably sent a thrill of pride across Canada…

Stockwell Day - July 2010.jpg

Stockwell Day

….when he dismissed the current BLM B/S during a CBC talk-show, telling listeners he rejected the claim fostered by the political-media ruling class that the Dominion was ‘racist.’

The whiners’ catch-phrase is ‘systemic racism,’ and Day was forthright…



…that Canada was not afflicted with any such leftist hogwash hang-ups..


Within a day more or less, he had ‘resigned’ from the board of telecommunications giant Telus, and from a Toronto law firm called Mcmillans.

Telus is clearly not run by cretins, because big companies don’t make money if that’s the case.


File:Telus logo.svg

Oh yeah? Maybe Stockwell Day doubts that!

But it is run by creeps.

I’d say pinko creeps, but that would imply they were ideologically motivated.

They claim to be- Telus said the views expressed by Day were not reflective of its values…


More accurate, perhaps, to define their behaviour as that of yellow-bellies, cowering from the shrills.

Same with those lawyers? I’m not sure.

I tend to despise lawyers as a class, but a lot of them are doubly objectionable, in that they’re leftist.

Mcmillans certainly are, judging from the guff they spouted, viz. – they disputed his remarks that systemic racism did not exist in Canada. 

What utter rot! Of course it doesn’exist.

There have been racist noises heard in Canada, most notably from the Supreme Court –

  Supreme Court’s Racist Hogwash Excuses RedIndian Criminals!  

– when the judges handed Red Indians special status, an affront to the principle of one law for all!

Obviously, Canadians of sound values should have nothing to do with businesses that cling to leftwing nonsense-notions like ‘systemic racism,’ but that’s up to individuals.

The most nauseating part of the story is the tail-end.

Being effectively pushed off the boards of such companies is akin to being awarded a medal.

Financially bad news, no doubt, but a clear moral distinction, to be freed from involvement in intolerant enterprises.

Yet just as we prepared to shout a loud hurrah for Mr. Day, he turns tail and crawls to the bullies.

How appropriate that he chose Twitter, the ultra-intolerant social media domain of Dirty Dorsey!


On Twitter, Day, a former Conservative public safety minister, apologized to the black community for his comments….

“I ask forgiveness for wrongly equating my experiences to theirs. I commit to them my unending efforts to fight racism in all its forms https://in.reuters.com/article/us-telus-director/telus-director-stockwell-day-steps-down-after-likening-racism-to-childhood-bullying-idINKBN23A3IB

Real Canadians won’t readily forgive his pathetic climb-down!