Q&A : Querulous And Asinine! Who Was The Foulmouth?

A few years ago, on one of my ever-enjoyable visits to Australia…



…I was taken along to savour Q&A, a talk-show where notables are assembled to discuss questions on current affairs from the studio audience.

It was quite interesting, though I’ve forgotten what topics were raised.

Last night, I had wearied of BBC’s constant bias….


…so switched to ABC, which itself is no slouch itself when it comes to partisan prejudice.



It was almost 9pm Jakarta time, and I saw as I tuned in that Q&A was almost over.

Just minutes, left but I wondered what they’d be talking about.


Q&A: Ask Away



Instead of rational debate among educated people, there was a foul-mouthed lout, chanting a snarling whine-rhyme…


…in which every 10th word seemed to be ‘SH-T,’ which, astonishingly, was applauded by the simpletons in attendance!

One can only guess this obnoxious oaf’s antics were somehow related to the BLM rabble seen on Australian streets last weekend?

Anybody in Oz know why Q&A insulted the intelligence of their nationwide ( and international) audience?

Or indeed, who was the oaf?

Note – I had to work hard to find a suitable Q-word!

Querulous -adjective
  1. complaining in a petulant or whining manner.