BBC News? Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show!

BBC’s Embley is on this blog far more often than one would like him to be…

Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again!  


…but until he learns to be an honest journalist – Judgement Day, perhaps? – we must continue to monitor the leftist jerk.

Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show, aka the ‘BBC News,’ was as loaded a dice as I’ve ever seen thrown, much time devoted to Andrew Cuomo’s rant about irresponsibility, which those of us aware of Cuomo’s record


Eight sex offenders — three of which were convicted of raping children — have been released from a jail in New York as a part of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s statewide initiative to decrease prison populations over fear of spreading the coronavirus. Read more

…take with a pinch or ten of salt.

Kermit Cuomo’s Bigot Big Bro Plumbs New Discriminatory Depths! 

Embley, needless to say, had not one pro-Trump American voice on air to  to contradict Cuomo’s hysterical outburst, a tribute to the UK tax-funded channel’s vetting system, again.

And inevitably, President Trump’s entirely rational speculation about that dodgy old git who hit the deck in Buffalo was snidely dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Except that –


New details are emerging in the story of Martin Gugino, suggesting he was an anarchist and a possible member of radical left-wing groups like Antifa.

Even other protesters that day said they thought he was trying to provoke the police.

Then along came a woman nobody in Britain, and few non-leftist Americans, would have heard of – Ms. Jennvine Wong, from yet another of those obscure cabals that the BBC uses to augment its Hate-Trump resources, a bunch calling itself the ‘Cop Accountability Project.’

At 8.10am on Wednesday morning, she yelped that NYPD were ‘still brutally arresting protestors.

For fun?

Or were the ‘protestors’ breaking the law?

The latter, methinks!

Then on to Oxford, a rabble ranting against Cecil Rhodes’ statue, interviews with whiners from Botswana and Germany.


What right have they to stick their noses into British controversies?

NOBODY who likes the statue was given a chance to speak.

Of course – it’s BBC.

And off to Scotland, another statue targetted by disgusting BLM bigots, and THEN mention made of similar moves against memorials to a man long honoured as a national hero…


…Sir Francis Drake, the famous sailor who ‘singed the King of Spain’s beard’ by a daring raid at Cadiz.

Oh, and Nelson and Gladstone and some 60 more..

These red scum are out to erase every hero who stars in British history, and the BBC’s idea of ‘balance…’

…is to have some timid toad who reckons non-violent erasure of British history is preferable to hoodlum vandalism as seen in Bristol!

But Embley could hardly wait to get back to his main propaganda theme, that funeral, where America’s worst race-baiter Al Sharpton, was a ‘star’ speaker.’

Naklitta Foxx, given free rein to issue what Embley eagerly called a ‘rallying cry,’ told us more about the deceased’s background.

But she didn’t know much and was honest enough to say so, before a rant about laws the Houston mayor was ‘trying to get passed’ –  about ‘police brutality,’

And then Embley’s special request – give us a few lines of ‘we shall overcome…’

No break from propaganda even when just before 9am, we had the Sports’ section, more clowns unburdening themselves on vandalising statues, like some barely articulate geezer named Genge, whose opinions are no more worthy of inclusion than the garbage collectors we mentioned yesterday.

Today’s BBC ‘News’ Included A VERY Offensive Li!! 

Then, some other BBC, for no good reason,introduced a retrospect on a man named Diallo, shot dead years ago in NYC.

A totally one-sided wallow with no police spkesman, nobody giving the other side of the story – and there is another side –

Diallo had recently filed a wildly false application for political asylum, claiming to be a Mauritanian victim of torture orphaned by the government security forces.

In fact, he was a Guinean with two well-off and living parents. He had reason, therefore, not to welcome encounters with authorities.