Memo To Philly Flunkeys – Find A New Job!

Having worked in many jobs, sometimes great fun, others God-Awful, I always understood that, in the case of the latter, the obvious solution to dissatisfaction on my part was…

Find Another Job!

Now get a load of this rant from a pack of uppity flunkeys in the USA!

three dozen “journalists of color at the Philadelphia Inquirer” also signed an open letter expressing that they were “tired of the hasty apologies and silent corrections,” and the “workshops and worksheets and diversity panels,” and the actions from leadership eroding trust in the community with “careless, unempathetic decisions.”

Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Resigns Days After Apologizing For ‘Buildings Matter’ Headline

Arrogant upstarts!

If you read the linked story, you’ll see that this infantile rant is a part of a kangaroo-court episode in which an editor was subjected to an intimidatory witch-hunt..



…because he expressed absolutely legitimate concern for the many buildings ruined by the mayhem, rioting and arson which has afflicted America in recent days.

The man’s speciality is architecture, so what should we expect?

Do these coloured ( not ‘journalists of colour,’ please!) employees think they OWN the paper?

 If they are so tired of their work-place…


Tired fake ‘journalist?’


We’re tired of shouldering the burden of dragging this 200-year-old institution kicking and screaming into a more equitable age…..

But that’s not their job.

Why don’t they just get on with doing what they’re paid for?

”We’re tired of being told of the progress the company has made and being served platitudes about ‘diversity and inclusion’ when we raise our concerns…


Tired slugs…


….. We’re tired of seeing our words and photos twisted to fit a narrative that does not reflect our reality. We’re tired of being told to show both sides of issues there are no two sides of,” said the letter.

Sooo tired…

. why don’t the poor little tired whiners (surprised they can stay awake long enough to write that rot!) just go home and enjoy ‘their reality’ – not everybody else’s, which they are clearly not prepared to accommodate…



…and are thus shown by their own intolerance to be anything but ‘journalists,’ simply self-serving propagandists for the ONE ‘side of issues’ they are willing to recognise!

“We demand action. We demand a plan, with deadlines. We demand full, transparent commitment to changing how we do business. No more ‘handling internally.’ No more quiet corrections….

But journalists don’t ‘do business!’

They can properly demand to be paid, if they do what they’re paid to do.

They get paid by somebody else, a manager, an editor –  a boss, in other words, to write things, and if that somebody is unimpressed, they write better, or find somebody else who will pay them for whatever it is…


…that they produce on their angry uptight little laptops!


Not this self-righteous, self-important rat-pack!

Their inflated sense of entitlement has them thinking that they are an advancing army, spreading an ideology which excludes any poor soul who steps out of line, who sees the world through a non-left lens…


”If we are to walk into a better world, we need to do it with our chests forward….


Tomorrow Belongs To Us!’


..acknowledge and accept where we make mistakes, and show how we learn from them. Your embarrassment is not worth more than our humanity,” said the letter, before concluding: “This is what it means to ‘give a damn.’”


…any poor soul who thinks the buildings destroyed by mobs of filthy savages…


…buildings, where honest people want to work, rather than rant at those who pay their salaries and wages, are worth writing about!


Well, DAMN those clowns, coloured or white, for that belated nod to the very possibility that THEY might make mistakes.

It does not excuse their arrogance.



Damn their employers too, for pandering to their tripe, ousting the blameless architecture editor…and for not giving them the boot on their uppity asses that they so plainly need!


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