Endless BBC Dissimulation – ‘Military Analyst’ Arkin!

We had a look at CNN and its erratic attack-dog Fredo Cuomo earlier today.



However, CNN’s Hate-Trump garbage is not funded by tax-payers, unlike…


…we all know who!

Driven by some masochistic impulse, back to BBC, in time to catch their ‘Sports’ section, little sport, alas, mostly ‘sports’ personalities whining BLM propaganda!



Then their ‘film/documentary’ section, with more berks bleating about BLM, the worst being a bearded anti-polce bigot, the director the 2015 documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, one Stanley Nelson Jnr., a real nasty, whom I had already heard yesterday, ranting that the cops were seen as an ‘army of occupation’ in certain areas.


Stanley Nelson Jr 2017.jpg

Stanley Nelson Jr. 

Guess which areas?

Yes, those infested by gangs!

Speaking of old brutes, Lewis Vaughan Jones, whose bias we observed a few days ago, had another ‘guest,’ identified on the screen only as a ‘military analyst!’


Bill Arkin at University of Denver.jpg

In actuality, William Arkin, according to a quick check, has fulfilled that role with the three most leftwing print media in the USA, the Los Angeles TimesThe Washington Post, and The New York Times.

And if you take a look at the rest of Wikipedia’s outline of his antics, antics that go back to when Ronald Reagan was in the White House, you’ll soon see why the BBC wanted Arkin, rather than a non-politically partisan analyst.

Arkin is viscerally hostile to Trump.

As he made clear to LVJ, who of course expressed not a whiff of disagreement, no tough questions on his “guest’s” blatant bias!


Nor any hope any analyst who likes Trump will ever get a similar, or any, hearing on the Bias Bleat Channel.