Shameless BBC Re-Runs Diallo Propaganda Show!

Down in the left side – how appropriate – of the BBC screen, we read that we’re watching ‘BBC World News!’



So how come for two days in a row we get fed that hogwash white-wash of the lying crimmigrant Diallo, starring his mother!

No NYPD representatives on to set the record straight, no pro- police politicians or journalists to set the record straight…



….so, instead of just giving you the link, as I did yesterday, here’s a sizeable chunk…

The Diallo crisis was a manufactured one—an unparalleled example of the power of the press, and, above all, the New York Times, to create the reality it reports. Some people have good reason to resent the police; many more—especially minority New Yorkers—resent them precisely because of the false charges made by activists and echoed incessantly by the press. That’s why it’s critical to rebut the press’s mendacious morality tale from the ground up.

The event that sparked the crisis was horrific. As February 4 began, an unmarked car carrying four undercover police officers from the elite Street Crime Unit cruised down Wheeler Avenue in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Under the Giuliani administration, Street Crime officers aggressively seek out illegal guns—dangerous work, but a key cause of the city’s breathtaking 75 percent drop in gun homicides since 1993.

The four cops would have been briefed that night about a rash of shootings in the neighborhood, including the murder of a livery cabdriver. The unit was also looking for an armed rapist responsible for up to 51 assaults, including ten in the Soundview section, where he probably lived….


The cops spotted a slender man pacing nervously in the doorway and peering into the windows of 1157 Wheeler, a small brick apartment building. Officers Sean Carroll and Edward McMellon got out of the car, identified themselves as police, and asked the man to stop.

Instead, 22-year-old Amadou Diallo, a peddler of bootlegged videos and tube socks on Manhattan’s East 14th Street, continued into the vestibule and tried to get inside the building’s inner door.

Diallo had recently filed a wildly false application for political asylum, claiming to be a Mauritanian victim of torture orphaned by the government security forces. In fact, he was a Guinean with two well-off and living parents. He had reason, therefore, not to welcome encounters with authorities….


….so readers on both sides of the Atlantic get a chance to know what a dirty dishonest propaganda channel the tax-funded BBC truly is!