The Louse Mayor Of London…And Other ‘News…’

Just been catching up on last week’s news and on the ‘news.’

By news, I refer to things that truly happened, like the lawless BLM scum receiving the allegiance of so-called ‘policemen’ ( scum too) kneeling before the rabble.

By ‘news’ I mean the BS served up by the BBC…



…and I have to confess, one of their dishonest reporting incidents had me deceived too, namely the lying little BBC bitch who fooled not just me but no doubt millions of others who heard her clever cover-up of why that WPC was unhorsed.



I only learned of that lie from reading the excellent article on…

…by a guy who did something similar to what I have been trying to do, watch a whole day’s worth of largely worthless TV, in his case Sky, in my case BBC.

I kid you not, watching BBC for much of my waking day, on more than one day, is a nauseating experience.

Not least when the UK PM lets the side down so badly, prattling away as if there’s any substance to the BLM rabble’s claims.

Using a link from the Spiked article to Twitter, we learn that the lady cop was brought down NOT by ‘knocking herself off off her horse’ but as a direct result of hooliganism on the part of the BLM scum.


What planet do BBC journos inhabit? This is what actually happened: “Demonstrators provoked a horse into bolting under a traffic light which knocked its rider to the floor.”

I don’t do ‘Tweets’ so best you seek it out – or try here –

A METROPOLITAN POLICE officer has reportedly suffered a collapsed lunge and shattered ribs after her horse was hit with missiles at the Black Lives Matter protests in central London …


The two scumstables in the photo should be kneeling at the hospital bedside of their grievously injured colleague, begging forgiveness!


While I was excavating tweets, I found that which inspired my headline today, viz., a dash of commonsense from a recently retired Labour MP…

Kate Hoey

So what do you call police being attacked with bottles and bicycles,horses being attacked and the cenotaph being vandalised? Thuggery sounds absolutely correct and @pritipatel was right


Cue for The Louse Mayor of London, a person we have long known has a twisted mind…

‘Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

Hasil gambar untuk london mayor sayid khan islamist


….but his response to Kate Hoey?

Language matters – and politicians leading with words like “thuggery” shows a lack of emotional intelligence. The Prime Minister and Home Sec need to show some empathy and understand the strength of feeling that black Londoners have. #BlackLivesMatter



Tell the uppity rabble to stop whining, obey the law and be grateful they live in a democracy where – if they are not illegal aliens – they have exactly the same rights as everyone else!


PS And yes, those clenched fist salutes…

…for a century at least the symbol of the far-left…

Roter Frontkämpferbund

Since 1926, a registered Communist trademark!

…were part of Khan The Cur’s demented tweet!