Man, Oh Man! Isle Blighted By BLM Bigotry!

After we directed our indignation at the victimisation of an American…

Boycott Bonneville – Switch Off KHTK Sports – NO TO BLM WITCH-HUNTS! .

…fired for proclaiming what decent people everywhere basically believe, that…




….we were swiftly informed that another case of BLM-inspired intimidation had occurred, not in the USA but in the British Isles.


Location of the Isle of Man in Europe
 Isle of Man

Note, not in the UK but on the Isle of Man, which is part of Her Britannic Majesty’s realms and territories but has a unique constitutional relationship, irrelevant here.

Again, the Brit’s ‘offence’ was to say that…


The story was reported on the BBC, and that report is actually useful…

…..because it includes a conversation between the victim and one of his cultural marxist tormentors.

But the dork in the transcript is a mere bit-player in the sordid saga.

Much more reprehensible is the role played by Manx Radio, which has suspended Stu Peters….

…’while an investigation takes place!’

Mr. Peters’s crime?

He ‘questioned the issue of “white privilege”


’…a black caller challenged him for writing “all lives matter” in an online forum.’

Mr. Peters’ response was spoken like a true Brit!

I’ve had no more privilege in my life than you have. I’m a white man, you’re a black man,” he told Jordan Maguire.

Incredibly, Manx Radio said it had referred the issue to the Communications Commission.



Their pathetic pinko managing director, Chris Sully, went into full PC diktat mode.

Stu Peters will not be presenting the Late Show whilst an investigation takes place.

“We await [the Commission’s] guidance on any potential breach of the Broadcast Code.

Stuff Comrade Chris, and stuff the Communications Commissars!

Tell them, please, what you think.

Oh, and check out this private company, going by the innocent-sounding name of the…

Straight from the heart - Isle of Man Creamery

Please keep that contact link handy, because they deserve a lot of contact,  one stern telling-off after another, and a demand that they choose whether they are on the side of the racist BLM sloganeers….



..or on the side of British values, notably free speech and fair play, not prioritising one group of human lives over another!

Oh, but mind how you message the Isle of Man Creamery.

They really are thin-skinned!

We are receiving some very abusive messages in support of the Manx Radio host in question. Please be assured, we do not tolerate abuse of our staff…

As the sponsors of the Manx Radio Late Show, today we have been made aware of some comments made by the presenter last night regarding the Black Lives Matter protests and racism..

For those people who heard the show, we wanted to publicly address what was said and make it clear that we in NO WAY condone the comments that were made or support the presenters view in any way.
As a result of what was said we have decided to pull our sponsorship of that programme from this evening.

That’s from their Facebook page…go get ‘em!