Embley Shrugs Off Last Shred Of BBC Impartiality!

”We need more white people to become more conscious of our white privilege!”

Guess which impartial BBC ‘’news’ presenter said that today?

BBC News? Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show! 

I took a break at lunchtime today, switched channels to a South Korean song contest…


Not a South Korean song contest!

….as I could no longer stomach BBC bias.

This decision was taken mid-mornng, after some time shuddering at Embley’s oleaginous feeding of lines to a rich American lawyer, one of those many black USA citizens who seem to have done very well for themselves despite that awful ( and imaginary) ‘systemic racism…’


Piya Sinha Roy


…but what made me switch was not that, but a non-black woman named Piya Sinha Roy, presumably of at least partly Indian descent.

Nor was it even her prattling, though much of it was sheer hogwash, such as her assertion that  Hollywood is ‘supposed to be liberal, but they’re not really.’

Loathesome Lard-Ass Michael Moore Slurs Snipers – Ho-Hum!  

Exclusion Order for Pinko Penn, Enemy of Self-Determination? 

Get real!

Hollywood has been infested with liberalism – and communism – since the days when Reagan fought the scum in the Screen Actors Guild!

‘Systemic Racism?’

Show-Biz throughout the English-speaking world is awash with black people, some excellent talented actors and actresses, like Idris Elba…



…and Halle Berry, and some total trash, ‘rap’-cr*p like ‘Grimy…’

BBC Affronts Tax-Payers AGAIN – Exalts Leftist Grime Gremlin! 

….oops, ‘Stormzy!’

But Piya’s certainly allowed to delude herself if it pleases her.

What finished me off was Embley’s immediate, absolute abandonment of any pretence of neutrality on these matters.

”We need more white people to become more conscious of our white privilege!”

God damn his irresponsibility and dishonesty!


Takes his pay from British tax-payers’ pockets, repays them with grossly arrogant displays of bias and then dishonestly claims that his privilege – and privilege it is – derives from his skin-colour and not his adherence to the BBC’s alien, destructive ideology.



Never despair – it is reported that they have invited a leftist hack to investigate their bias!

If even the BBC’s ‘bias investigator’ is biased, it’s time they admitted what they are: A British CNN