‘Get Him,’Howled Anti-Statue Scum! Who Got What?

Still on statues, one mangy rat in Albuqerque, New Mexico maybe learned today that mob mayhem and intimidation does not happen without consequences.

A gang of undesirables there decided to attack an old Spanish conquistador, Juan de Onate’s statue. ‘A metal chain was tied around its neck…


Leftist louts assail the statue

…as the mob commenced their Urban Vandalism 101 class, ‘all hell broke loose.

In a video of the incident, protesters begin to shout at a man carrying a firearm. A masked protester then strikes him with a skateboard, as someone is heard screaming, ‘Get him!’

Open and shut case.

A filthy pack of leftist hoodlums going after a guy on his own who was, please note, ‘walking away?’

The mob’s victim can be seen on the video, un-got, and pleasingly, one scumbag ended up moaning on the ground, with a gun-shot wound.

So not a bad yarn, if it ended there.

But this is USA 2020, and the good guy who used his gun to defend himself against a leftist thug was arrested.

Bad enough, but then a drip named Tim Keller, who rejoices in the title of Mayor…


Mayor Tim Keller

…did the scumbags’ job for them, and ordered the removal of the statue, as an “urgent matter of public safety.”

Note to Klutz Keller – statues do not assault or threaten people’s safety.

Leftist mobs do. Tell him…


All Keller ( and all his kind!) do by appeasing scumbags is to encourage them.

Frankly, the more red vermin suffer for their criminal mayhem, the better. Good for the guy with the gun!