IRA Vermin Crawling Aboard BLM Bandwagon?

A few days earlier this week, when we praised the good Glaswegian loyalists defending the city Cenotaph…


A large number of people gathered in George Square, Glasgow. The Loyalist Defence League earlier asked followers to gather over the weekend for a 'protect the Cenotaph' event in response to statues being defaced across Scotland following Black Lives Matter demonstrations. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)
Glasgow’s Loyalists

….we mentioned Glasgow’s William of Orange statue, which was moved many years ago to a safer location because undesirables were threatening to damage the British hero’s monument.

Now it turns out that ‘King Billy’ has come under attack again – from fans of both ‘Black Lives Matter and IRA’ vandalism.


 Officers are also patrolling the William of Orange statue in Glasgow


Okay, maybe just anti-social retards.

But Glasgow is a very aware city, and the good loyal people there have a pretty good idea of exactly who the bad people are, and are not slow at doing something about it!

Hence the decent citizens out guarding the Cenotaph last weekend, whom we mentioned the other day.

This brings me to yet another report, about a gang of pinko weirdos calling itself the ‘Glasgow Youth Art Collective,’ intent on playing a key role in another ‘protest’ – a demand that a statue of Sir Robert Peel be removed.

His crime presumably was to have organised the modern police, the famous Victorian ‘Peelers!’

The arties bottled out, but in an example of very poor journalism, The Sun describes a ‘small number of people, whose affiliation is not known…


 A heavy police presence is at the scene


….who ‘had to be removed from the area by officers after their presence prompted protesters to run up the street before police intervened...

Much the same total lack of investigative journalistic skills can be found in other media.

Very suspicious.

Reporters on the scene could have approached anybody on either side and simply asked, or, possibly, just listened to whatever tell-tale insults were being exchanged.

If I publish my guess, or theory, whatever, I wonder if my Scots readers will confirm it.


Scots Tories Imploding, Lesbian Leader in 'IRA' Row

Glasgow Celtic fanatics forget soccer, endorse terror

We know that Sinn Fein/IRA have their adherents in Scotland – patriots have clashed with them often over the years.

It seems to be that, sure as night follows day, a subversive mob like BLM, motivated by similar hatreds, will attract the support of the older Enemy Within..


Image result for evil irishman


….that has festered as an alien entity within Scotland for so long.