Oz Intolerance – Greens Detest Dissent!

Anyone who ever takes a close look at Green parties tends to recoil in horror as the reality of Green extremism becomes clear.


We have examined their affinity with censorious aversion to free and fair democratic practices, and how they share the cultural marxist agenda of decadence, long before this latest episode…

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….but their sheer jackboot intolerance has rarely been expressed so brazenly as last week, in Australia’s Senate, when their spokesperson, Larissa Waters, hurled this telling barb at Pauline Hanson.


The One Nation leader was, railed Waters –

“a regular bringer of dissent into this place”

Well, so much for democracy!

If Greens ever gain power, no more nonsense about disagreement with the powers-that-be!


Senator Larissa Waters has come under fire for a controversial Instagram post. Picture: Gary Ramage

Larissa Waters .


I don’t know a lot about Comrade Waters but she is presumably literate and must understand the meaning of the crime she imputes to Ms. Hanson...

dis·sent. /dəˈsent/ noun

the expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held.
“there was no dissent from this view…

Hell, Waters isn’t so much a cultural marxist as a bloody Stalinist!

Nor was Labor’s notorious lesbian much better.

Penny Wong said her party agreed with denying formality to the Hanson motion because it was “not appropriate to spend this Senate’s time inciting division”.


Wong is unspeakable but she’s not unintelligent. She is fully aware that when there is a vote taken in parliament, it’s done by a formal division.

If there is no division, then it’s hardly a parliament at all – just legislative lock-step!


So Labor’s Senate leader, like Comrade Waters, believes legislators must be unanimous.

Like the good old Supreme Soviet, nobody daring to challenge the ruling class’s ideology? But Comrade Wong does seem to have a problem with plain English.

Asserting black lives matter isn’t saying that other lives do not matter…”

In which case, why not say so?

PS – in fairness, Wong warbled along with an outburst of the cultural marxist verbiage taken from the same song-sheet used by the rabble mob orchestrators around the world since last month,

It is responding to a systemic structural problem where black lives are not given equal value….”

And that is a bare-faced lie.

What individual haters think, bitter bigots like the American Don Lemon, who denies real racism when it stares him in the face…

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…is up to them.


But there are no built-in racist structures in Australia, no racist system – if anything, Oz errs in the opposite direction…

…with that ruinous multicult ideology used by malevolent misfits, as well as marxists, to alleviate the weight of the numerous chips on their shoulders.