‘Museum Of Horrors?’ BBC’s ‘Global Question’ Gunk!

Well, let’s ask yet another of Zeinab Badawi’s Global Questions, of which we’ve already sampled several!

‘BBC Global Questions?’ AKA ‘Zeinab Comperes Pinko Piffle!’ 

BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 


BBC Global Questions

Her enquiry this week was something along the lines of ‘is the global system racist?’

Or was it ‘is systemic racism global?’

And if you want to fix the answer, you fix the panel, so that, sure enough, by the end of the show, Ms. Badawi could predictably conclude –

I think we have a consensus, so, what do we do about it?

Let’s not blame the kids, from all over the orld, most of whom asked insipid questions, clearly as daft as each other..


…leftish nonsense imbibed throughout their young years.

So maybe we should blame the two ‘guests’ Zeinab had selected from the BBC’s secret short-list of seriously left fanatics…




…and they don’t come much more seriously left than a “Swedish MEP,” Alice Bah Kuhnke, by name.

As our examination of her background revealed, she apparently once worked on tv, SVT’s Disney Club, but advanced till she had her own talk-show.

She was even then a Europhiliac, perhaps foreseeing her future glory as a fully-fledged member of the Strasbourg Slug Club.

After the Disney Club, no surprise she became Minister of Culture…



…and oh, did I neglect to mention, she is with the Green Party?

Swedish by nationality, she has kin in Gambia, who, on hearing of the mayhem in the USA, interpreted those frightful scenes as ‘freedom is coming!’

Alice makes no pretence of moderation – we must ‘make sure we have legislation, laws that will be used by force…



….I think we need pressure on every level…

She is obsessed with race.

We have 5 MEPs..representing the people..”

What, five Greens?

Or five Swedes?

No, five Blacks!

What a pathetic bigot she is!

So, naturally, given Alice is a rabid fanatic, Zeinab had ensured her other ‘guest’ would provide a measure of balance, right?


Meet Mr. Baratunde Thurston, who ‘advised the Obama White House…he is part of the resistance.’  So says his own linked-in entry.



He is also, allegedly, a comedian.

Nothing remotely funny about this creep, who delighted at this opportunity to run down his country.

The USA was founded on racism    every American’s infected with the disease of racism…”

This far-left sicko thinks statues he dislikes should be preserved in a ‘museum of horrors!’

And those poor brain-washed kids?

Even had their outlook not been carefully screened to make certain they’d not contradict Zeinab Badawi’s fervently desired – pre-ordained?- outcome, the frothing of the freako leftist ‘guests’ would undoubtedly have intimidated them into going along with the authorised BBC line.



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