Straße des 17. Juni…Nicht Vergessen?

On 17th June 1953, Germans in the Soviet Zone rose up against their oppressors.


The heroic insurrection was put down by the USSR’s Occupation forces, along with their Communist collaborators.

The date is still honoured all over Germany today.

Our headline refers to the street named in honour of the freedom fighters.

How strange, that those observing this anniversary must do so under a regime headed by a traitrix who was complicit with the Red Gestapo…


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Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

…who served that very regime against which the 1953 patriots rose up.

How stranger still, that Mama Stasi Merkel has been able to institute another Occupation.

And the patriots who offer resistance…

….are demonised!