‘Apologise?’ Get Stuffed, Guardiola!

White people should apologize for racism, says Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, en un banquillo


There are several reasonable responses to that arrogant Spaniard.

One is my headline, above.


To the extent, surely minimal, that his absurd and offensive outburst merits a more courteous riposte, why not ask him if all people of Arabic stock should apologise to his fellow-Spaniards for the invasion and subjugation, for centuries, of his own country, Spain…


The Iberian Peninsula, c. 1000 CE


…until the heroic Reconquista.


Indeed, why not ask them, simultaneously, for a similarly racist guilt-complex, knee-jerk apology for master-minding the slave-trade in Africa…


…which, eventually, was ended by White people?

Of course Arabs today are not guilty of anything their ancestors did.

If I do something that wrongs somebody, I’ll apologise. As it happens, I treat everybody much the same.

Whether they’re black, white, brown or yellow, if they’re nice to me, I’m nice to them.

Guardiola should shut up, until he’s ready to apologise to the innocent millions he’s offended!