Hefty Leftist BBC Blonde’s ‘Statue Graveyard’ Plan

Who’s the hefty leftist blonde hackette in the photograph below?



Can any reader ID Comrade Beebski? There are so many lefty hackettes on the BBC…!

I was so astounded by her outburst on BBC World News, at about 5pm Jakarta time on Thursday, that I felt the need for a photo – of her, and one of the leftist professor to whom she made her suggestion.

Now if he had come up with such an offensive notion, I’d not have been surprised.

Every BBC ‘news’ show is apparently under orders to give fans of the BLM rabble as much air-time as possible!

But the pinko professor was NOT guilty!

Big Blondie reminded him that in some capital of some country liberated from Communism, all the statuary honouring marxist oppressors had been collected and dumped in a field…

….so their existence would no longer vex passers-by on the streets and squares they’d once blighted by their offensive presence.

Could British statues disliked by far-left freakos, she mused ( not using those words, but that was her clear meaning!) not be dealt with similarly?

Only in the swamp-land of BBC flunkey-think, surely, could any comparison be conjured between monuments to distinguished men with great achievements, Churchill, Peel, Nelson, yes, and  Rhodes…

…and marxist monsters like Lenin, Stalin and the other creators and perpetuators of the worst form of totalitarian tyranny ever devised.