Matronly Shapes Unacceptable To Race-Obsessed Uptights? OK..


More BLM-inspired hogwash flowing in on the news pages, and here’s the email address –

– of the latest culprit.

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Conagra Cuts Full-Year Guidance Targets on Presidents Day | The ...

Chicago-based Conagra Brands, which makes Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, said its bottles — which are shaped like a matronly woman — are intended to evoke a “loving grandmother.”


Mrs. Butterworth's brand under review after Aunt Jemima, Uncle ...


But the company said it can understand that the packaging could be misinterpreted. Critics have long claimed that the bottle’s design is rooted in the “mammy” stereotype.


What kind of uptight spends his days ‘interpreting’ the packaging of a brand of syrup?


A race-baiting berk, that’s what kind!

It goes without saying that black women do not have a monopoly on ‘matronly’ physiques.

If the company wants to change the shape of the bottles, there are lots of interesting and appealing alternative female shapes.


Kasihan Duo Serigala – Sexy Singers Hounded by Fanatics! 

I have never purchased or eaten Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup – maybe it’s not on sale here in Jakarta –  but were it sold in bottles modelled on either of the delicious Indonesian ladies above, I would be tempted to.