Not Good Enough, Breitbart!

Especially in the present global maelstrom, with the Enemy Within –

Revealed: The British arm of Black Lives Matter’s full agenda – abolish the police, smash capitalism… and close all prisons 

…gradually being exposed as fundamentally evil…


– but everywhere waging war against civilisation, I try hard to stick to my self-imposed ordinance.

But sometimes criticism of those we would regard as allies in the resistance is necessary, and tonight it’s Breitbart.

We were no doubt all glad to see that scumbag in Albuquerque get taught a lesson..

Get Him,’Howled Anti-Statue Scum! Who Got What? 

Leftist louts assail the statue

…and many would agree with me that the good guy who fought back against leftist thuggery deserves a medal.

No way should that hero face charges.

So when Breitbart’s headline tells us –

Charges Dropped!’

 – one could scarce forbear to cheer.

Yet reading the full report, only certain charges have been dropped, the case is not closed, and other charges could be brought.

A mere detail?

Not really, because, if we think he’s been treated fairly and can rest easy, so will we, and not keep alert to make sure he suffers no adverse consequences for doing something right and proper.