Globalist Media Hide The OTHER ‘German’ Riot!

So how much did your UK or US media tell you about the violent alien mob in Germany?

No, not the riot in Stuttgart!

BBC, DW, Other Rotten Media, Hide Stuttgart Truth!

The other one, in what used to be the lovely university city of Göttingen…

Gänseliesel fountain and pedestrian zone



….where ‘clashes broke out on Saturday between police and residents of a housing complex in the central German city of, leaving several officers injured…’

Police and local residents in a standoff (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Rampfel)

Curiously – NOT! – the DW report said absolutely nothing about the composition of the violent mob…

…which made me suspicious.

The photographs offer hints but I don’t like to make uninformed guesses, so I went digging back…

Local residents stand on a window ledge (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Rampfel)Some residents stood on window ledges and watched the scene


…to find out what kind of ‘angry residents threw stones, tires and a computer at police out of windows of the complex.’ 

Not content with that vicious display, ‘they also set objects on fire.’

Oh, and ‘several residents then attempted to break down the fence that had been erected by city authorities.’

Oh, and ‘a blank was also fired from a pistol inside the complex, known as Groner Landstrasse…

Nice respectable German townspeople, right?

Respectable Germans detest lockdowns as much as you or I, but methinks neither we nor they run amok so badly that police need to use tear-gas to defend themselves from attack!

So then I looked back through previous reports, and found that DW had been more forthcoming, although, as a tax-funded bias machine as base as Britain’s BBC, they immersed basic facts in a nasty rant against the patriot AfD party.



Authorities believe that the outbreak began with festivities to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, including a gathering of more than 30 men in the hookah bar, where it is suspected that people might have smoked on the same pipes.


And the ever-so-naughty AfD?

The patriots were using social media to rail against what it sees as, “the clearly provocative and ignorant behavior of Arabic clans.” 

Hardly ‘railing!’

If what the ‘authorities believe’ really  is correct, then the AfD is 100% correct in its description.

But DW is intent on smear, introducing un-named ‘right-wing rabble-rousers’ and unattributed ‘racist intimidation’ into the story, in which other, perhaps less leftist, ‘media’ are slurred as ‘buzzing around the story.’

Unlike virtuous DW, of course!

The ‘Arabic clans’ evidently don’t like exposure and have been ‘pelting some of them with vegetables.’

The families from Kosovo say they are being stigmatized.

If it’s that awful in Germany, maybe they could just had back to Kosovo!

….when jihadists are counted as a percentage of countries’ populations, Kosovo is top of a list of 22 countries,

Fight the good fight The Economist16 Apr 2015 

It’s a delightful place!