Cops Prevent Criminal Damage By Leftist Mob!

My headline sums up the scene in Washington DC , where some police officers, in pleasing contrast to the slimy curs we mentioned the other day…

Washington DC Cops – Cowards Or Collabos? 

….took action to curb the BLM rabble who sought to vandalise an historic statue of a famous former president!

Compare and contrast the BBC blurb, on our tv screen, which hides the mob’s overt intent to commit serious criminal damage!

Police And Protesters Clash Near The White House

The BBC of course had to reveal the malevolent BLM purpose, but ‘protesters’ -really?

Leftist Louts!

That suggestion that the mob were simply peaceful ‘protesters’ might be construed as lazy reporting.

Except that we know the BBC has taken the side of the BLM side from the get-go!