Memo To Top Cop Russ Procter – ALL Lives Matter!

I am never unwilling to borrow a good turn of phrase and in view of the outrageous declaration by Lancashire Police Chief Superintendent Russ Procter…


Superintendent Russ Procter


….that proclaiming ‘White Lives Matter’ will have caused offence to many people in Lancashire and beyond…’

…I feel it’s entirely justified to respond with what one of my readers has posted in our comments column.

There is a limit to what people will tolerate!

To be told, by a senior Lancashire cop or anyone else, that saying our lives matter is OFFENSIVE, has crossed a line.

For weeks we have heard extremists, many of them violent, ranting that Black Lives Matter.

Procter has not, so far as I know, announced that the BLM fanatics’ ranting has ‘caused offence,’ which it has, though politically correct Keystone Cops don’t care about that!

This officer should be brought before a disciplinary hearing and given a once-and-for-all warning.

He’s employed to serve and protect every decent law-abiding citizen, and in their eyes, ALL LIVES MATTER!

Time he got that into his head, and said so!