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    Think BBC’s Biased? It Is! But France24’s No Better!

    There was a scrawny leftist hackette on top propaganda form on Monday, 12.15pm Jakarta time…

    ….and boy, while BBC is bad, the merde she spread across our TV screens stank just as badly of multicult bias.

    Nadia Charbit presented what the F24 link describes as ‘History of Racism, A French Taboo,’ and here’s the intro, extracts quoted verbatim –

    …we look at how discrimination and xenophobia materialise in specific ways in France….we take a look at police violence and how some current and former officers have started speaking out…we speak to activist and Professor Maboula Soumahoro…

    Note well, please, the absence of any ‘alleged’ before ‘discrimination,’ nor before ‘police violence,’ and take a guess at what ‘current and former’ cops may be ‘speaking out’ about!’

    We know it’s downright dangerous for French police to patrol in the banlieues, ‘suburbs’ inhabited by primitive aliens and their offspring.

    If regular cops felt free to ‘speak out’ then we might hear a lot of common sense about the need to hammer the barbarous banlieue brutes!


    Banlieue savages amok

    France has been hard hit by a string of violent attacks the past years, with more than 250 killed in total since 2015. Jihadist extremists were responsible for many of the attacks…


    Violent hoodlums and sectarian savages prowl these areas, admittedly the fault of successive governments who have deported few such undesirables.

    Failure To Deport Banlieue Savages Exacts An On-Going Toll! 

    We have written about such creatures before now.

    Vile ‘Rap’ Savage – More Foul Racism Against France – Jail Him! 

    ..like that one, whose race-hate video, not mentioned by Charbit, was delightfully released as –

    ‘Hang White People.’

    Extract from ‘lyrics’

    “I go to the nurseries, I kill the white babies, catch them quick, and hang their parents!

    and his subsequent ‘hit’ with these ‘lyrics’ –

      “I f**k France I burn France until she reaches agony,”


    Oh, yes, there’s racism in France, but the BLM rabble don’t have a soupcon of concern about that!

    Does Comrade Charbit?

    I have no idea if Charbit is French.

    F24 is in English, so she could be as Un-French as those awful foreign far-left females they also employ…j

    France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’ ..

    France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically! !

    Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater! 

    …but that doesn’t really matter.

    What does matter is the way she talks about the country she lives in, and whose tax-payers provide her with a doubtless juicy income.

    Professor Maboula is given free rein to indulge her prejudices, answering Charbit’s question –

    Is France racist?’ – ‘Oh yes, Nadia!’

    ‘Nadia’ doesn’t challenge this uptight academic, merely simpers, and  condemns the French for their unwillingness to ‘call a spade a spade!’.

    Not a characteristic I have ever encountered when talking to French folk, I must say!

    And Charbit’s parting shot shows more clearly than anything else her personal BLM-style bias, viz. ‘France is late to the game!’ https://www.france24.com/en/france/20200619-history-of-racism-a-french-taboo

    No input from Marine Le Pen or any patriot spokesperson.



    Not a single voice heard in opposition to the F24 line that this ‘anti-racism’ foolery is a game France, or any other country, should be playing!

    Am I being unfair to Comrade Charbit?

    Check out the link and judge for yourself.




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