Which Pinko Creep Made Milton Keynes Cops Crawl?.

An outraged reader sent me this video link, and you too will be outraged, not just at the sight of police officers, sworn to impartial enforcement of the law…


.Who’s in charge in MK!


….going down on their knees to honour a far-left subversive cause, but at the fact they were clearly ordered to do so.

It’s plain as day!


One minute the cops are behaving like normal cops, standing about while a pack of BLM extremists shrill in the background.



Suddenly, they all go into slimy creep mode, on their knees in submission to the extremist rabble.

A sinister figure, all in black, looking like, but not identified as, one of those Antifa agitators oft seen in leftist mobs, struts among them, shaking their hands in arrogant acknowledgement of their obeisance.

This happened earlier this month, so presumably there were protests at the time.



However, to use a phrase all too familiar currently, it’s time for a ‘second wave!’

Here are the email addresses you need!


MP for Milton Keynes – https://members.parliament.uk/member/4015/contact


Chief Constable – https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/fo/feedback/tc/thanks-and-complaints/

Police Commissioner – Anthony Stansfeld –

01865 541 957