‘White Lives Matter?’ Cops Investigate! But Not BLM?

Burnley FC are getting their leftist knickers in a twist because some fans felt strongly enough about the politicisation of their team…

A banner reading 'White Lives Matter Burnley' is flown above Etihad Stadium before a Premier League match between Manchester City and Burnley


…..that they hired a plane to carry a banner above a game, saying..

’White Lives Matter!’

Well, God forbid anyone should feel our worthless white lives are important!


The BBC just had some lefty named Sanjay ( not white, BTW) interviewed by one of those pinko vixens – I lose track of them – not quite as raddled as Maitlis  – to say how dreadful such a sentiment is…



….because it detracted from the cause of Black Lives Matter.

This constant affront to humanity by BLM fanatics is getting harder and harder to put up with.


sport and politics

Burnley FC are a disgrace.


The BBC, who OF COURSE had nobody on to balance lefty Sanjay , are a damned disgrace.


BBC Actually MENTIONED The Martyr’s Criminal Record Last Night! 

All Lives Matter!

Until the BLM rabble take the knee to that fundamental commitment to human values, fight back!

More planes!

More banners!

Defend the statues!

Now let’s wait and see if the ever more distrusted, biased British Police…

….who are ‘investigating’ the airborne banner, bow down in respect to the ‘perpetrators,’ as they have offensively done when confronted by the racist BLM.