Churchill’s Talk Of ‘Evil Things?’ Did He Foresee BLM?

The sheer evil of BLM has become so pervasive that it’s important to remind ourselves how dehumanising their ideology really is.

When we see them spewing their bile on the BBC, we should think of Churchill, whom they hate…



…and remember his war-time rallying call, that the Allies were fighting against ‘evil things.’



Fortunately, there are other, almost daily, reminders, notably this extract from an article about a Colorado Democrat named John Hickenlooper, not a political hero of mine, but until recently a front-runner for his party’s Senate nomination.


Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

John Hickenlooper

Now his campaign has faltered, partly for some very good reasons, which you may read about via the link, and which he no doubt regrets.

But, shockingly, he has been forced to ‘apologize for comments about race….

..including responding to a question about the Black Lives Matter protests in a recent forum by saying the phrase means “every life matters…”

Okay, he got that wrong.

BLM emphatically does NOT mean ‘every life matters,’ because BLM is an intrinsically racist slogan…


 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

…that excludes non-blacks.

But the candidate, like most people born and raised when the Western world held to civilised values, just came out with what decent people ought to say, that –

‘Every Life Matters!’

And that simple expression of common decency means he has ‘stumbled’ in his campaign?

However, confirmation that those of us who oppose BLM evil are the good guys, and gals, comes with what’s appended to the man’s suggestion that every life matters….


…echoing a common refrain among conservatives.