The Rabble And The Elites V We The People! A Poll? Fight Back!

The rich elites, the Big Biz plutocrats, the ‘arts’ asses, all the sorts of people we have long despised, just as they despise us common folk, are using the BLM rabble to put us down.

The statues, the cretinous calls to rename cities and states and provinces…



…this is not a debate but a war on civilisation.

Big battles and small, each of use can play a part.

Rest assured, they will fight dirty, no democratic vote taken of the people when Teddy Roosevelt was taken down!

Nor in London nor in Bristol.

We cannot trust the cops to enforce the law on the mob…

Which Pinko Creep Made Milton Keynes Cops Crawl?.

…and the elites have always seen themselves as above the law.

So every chance we get, we have to make our feelings known.

The latest skirmish involves candy.

Believe it or not.

Gutless clowns in the confectionary industry have decreed that Red Skin sweets must be rebranded…




…for fear some uptight Indians, throw-backs to the horrid Magua, perhaps, will throw a tantrum.

No consultation with consumers of course.

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Now freako pinkos are in a tizzy about the word Coon!

But one Aussie newspaper is holding a poll.

Here –

VOTE! No matter where you are.

Over 15,000 people have already done so…


…and THE PEOPLE are winning by a landslide!