No Hate Crime! Boo-Hoo Bubba Pleases Bitter Lemon!

What a weird warbler that Bubba Wallace is!

If most of us were told that, contrary to wild yarns, we were not under threat by unidentified menacing individuals, we’d be more than happy.

Even more so when it turns out the individuals were not only unidentified but non-existent!

Blubbing Bubba’s response?


I’m Pissed!’

After all the hoo-ha, now cruelly deprived of his putative role as martyr to the BLM cause, I suppose it must be quite a let-down for the American NASCAR driver!

Hence no celebration, not even a spot of relaxation for Bubba!

I’m pissed!” he told CNN host Don Lemon…

And certainly no apology to the FBI investigators whose time could surely have been better spent – perhaps pursuing members of BLM savage mobs who have been engaged in criminal damage to public monuments.

But then his rant was possibly the only response acceptable to his interlocutor, the bigoted queer CNN racist, Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon, whose refusal to acknowledge overt hate…


“F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

…has been recorded here, and whose incitatory rhetoric was condemned by decent people everywhere…

CNN’s Don Lemon says the biggest terror threat to the US is white men

….but given a free-pass by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo, who took a policy decision to allow offensive racist gibbering – if it’s gibbered by a far-left CNN slime-ball!