Xi’s Red Flunkeys Thumb Their Noses At UK Law!

I suppose any regime that keeps a billion people in servitude…



…and struts its bully-boy stuff in one aggressive action after another against most if not all its smaller peaceful neighbours…

Beijing Virus-Villains Menace Indonesia – “Our Fishermen Feel Scared!” 

….can hardly NOT be expected to be paranoid about its security.

Everybody detests Red China’s totalitarian tyrants, who may wear expensive outfits these days, but still cling to the brutal ways of Mao the Monster…



…whose evil image still leers from every government wall in Beijing.

But not everybody gets a chance to slap down Red China’s arrogant flunkeys!

Hence my hope that a Mr. McBurney, of North Belfast, will succeed with his injunction against the Red Chinese consulate in that fair city!


A security wall is being built around the Chinese consulate in Belfast

Belfast – the outpost of an evil empire


The Belfast man went to court after the communist upstarts didn’t just fail to apply for planning permission for the formidable wall they’re determined to instal around their outpost…

…but actually declared they’d not recognise the jurisdiction of courts in Northern Ireland.

Their pushy attorneys added insult to injury by saying ‘the claim in the high court is highly disrespectful to our client.”


Since the Northern Ireland Attorney General has made it plain that diplomatic immunity does not extend to planning matters, the yelping whelps should be put in their place and told that respect needs to be earned.

The uppity reds in Belfast need to be reminded that they’re not in Hong Kong..

…with a quisling cabal in control and collabo cops to back them up.

But then why do the representatives act as if they are in Hong Kong?


Get this!

Aggrieved residents have asserted that Belfast ‘City Council tried to ignore normal planning rules because of a desire to entice Chinese economic investment.


Is it bullying, or something just as unsavoury…


no bullying


…currying favour with a blood-stained dictatorship?

Belfast is a British city and the full weight of British law enforcement should be brought to bear on behalf of the wronged citizens!

Starting with a demolition team, under armed guard, on Monday morning.