Holland’s Folly – 1000 Illegals AWOL !

Dutch authorities have expressed serious concern over the “disappearance” of more than 1,000 Nigerian asylum seekers in the country…some persons have returned to Nigeria or moved to Italy, “at least 961 disappeared without a trace”.

Well, that’s tough on Italy!

One of the ‘benefits’ of the EUSSR’s beloved Schengen system of open borders, I guess!

But it’s pretty damn tough on the Dutch, too!



They used to have quite a nice little country, but now, with an alien horde prowling among them, maybe not so much.

Although the report is about Nigerians…

… I bet there are thousands more from other Third World zones  also on the prowl.



Moreover, when we read the whole report carefully, it seems that these Nigerians are in fact NOT ‘asylum-seekers!’

They were, but on examination of their claims, they were rejected.

So the term ‘fake-refugees’ would be a lot more accurate.



With no conceivable right to be in The Netherlands, their presence is surely illegal…

….so they should have been kept under lock and key until deportation.




What the Hell is going on?

The person to ask is Ankie Broekers-Knol, the politician in the Rutte government responsible for these matters.


Ankie Broekers-Knol Senate of Poland.jpg

…Nigerians have very little chance of being granted asylum here in the Netherlands. Once their application is rejected, they’re out in the Dutch streets, or drifting through Europe,” Broekers-Knol had said  


For God’s sake!

‘Out on the Dutch streets?’

Nobody knows where they are and what happened to them,” the report added…

Hey, Ankie! Who let ‘em out?

Why are they not confined in special quarters convenient to Schiphol or some other airport?

Speaking on the agreement, the minister for migration in the Netherlands said the country will focus on building capacity and securing its borders.

Building Deportation Detention Centres would be a good start.


Something along the lines of Indonesia’s top-security Nusakambangam, perhaps?

As for “securing borders“ – if the Dutch weren’t in Schengen, the borders would not be so porous that their errant illegals end up in Italy –  and fewer fake-refugees would be getting in.