TFPC Tarts, Not All Ugly As Emma, But Just As Biased!


Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel!

Today’s noon ( Jakarta time) ‘news’ was as bad as ever, with their blonde bint, Karin Giannone, who, unusually for the nymphs of  ‘Newsnight’ …



….is quite pretty, failing totally to challenge the ‘expert’ American guest, nor identifying him as a leftist with a long record of seeking to censor views he dislikes.


Hany Farid, an expert on digital forensics, speaks on deepfakes at the Palo Alto Networks Experience as part of events surrounding RSAC day three.

Professor Hany Farid, of UCLA Berkeley


No doubt the prof is expert in ‘digital forensics’ as we learn from his wikipedia entry, but if we read on, he’s been up to his neck in ‘counter-extremism!’

Even apart from the clue that he works at the notorious  ‘University of California at Berkeley,’ his own words made it very clear he’s gleeful about Big Biz trying to get social media to silence resistance.

The public has had enough….’ he ranted.

It was time, he snarled, for Facebook to ‘gets its house in order!’

Yes sir, Comrade Professor-Commissar, sir!

From Unilever to Coca Cola…


File:Coca cola 1-1-.jpg

( boycott, please)


….these multinational BLM running-dogs are refusing to advertise on Facebook until Zuckwit agrees to censor Trump and anyone who agrees with him.

But you know all about that.

What you don’t know – but will readily admit to expecting, surely – is that the BBC was fully aware of Fahrid’s fanatical approval of this censorship.

Did Karen G of the BBC put it to him that millions of Americans support Trump’s tweets and comments – on everything from shooting looters (great idea!) to describing the Chinese Virus as a Chinese virus…


China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

or Kung Flu?


The leftist blonde compere was much more concerned if the plutocrats were serious or ‘virtue-signalling,’

Did she even suggest that people outside the media ruling class and the plutocrat left might have a right to be seen and heard on social media?

Not a word.

Nor, of course, did she invite comment from anyone dissenting from the rich pinko push for suppression of dissent – unless you count Zuckwit, who deserves no sympathy for his plight…



…for he was quoted as whining that he has done so much to quell the voices of resistance…why me, lord, why me?


Komrade Karen then gave us five minutes of ‘racism’ whining by Asian-Americans, including a ‘rapper,’ naturally – why invite ‘rappers’ to talk when they can’t even sing? –  then she went off for tea.


Super-Ugly, Super-Bigot appeared…

BBC’s Beastly Begum-Symp – More Awful Than Maitlis? 

….that ghastly erstwhile posh-girl-independent-school lefty creepette Emma Barnett…yes, her..


..warmly glowing as the brother of George Floyd ranted, praising the fanatic Ellison ( see “Lawyers’ Committee?” BBC’s Leftist Embley Strikes Again!  ) as a ‘champion of civil rights.’

Barnett led him along, asking if reference to GF’s criminal past was ‘racist.’

The brother of course agreed.

So another demand for truth to be suppressed…


…that we should all stop reminding forgetful folks that neither Floyd, nor Brooks, nor that previous criminal whose death caused uproar, Eric Something-Or-Other, were good citizens.

They were all blots on the social landscape.


Haven’t we had enough of the guff?

Then The Maitlis appeared.

Unwilling to be turned to stone, I switched off, to bring in the washing.