Free Everything For Alien Spongers, Or Else!?!

Listen to this absurd bleat heard in the aftermath of the Glasgow asylumer amok-run.

‘Asylum’ Ingrate Shot Dead! Good! 


People should be in their own accommodation rather than hotels and they must reinstate support payments, because that was a clear contributor to the stress they have been under…”


Their OWN accommodation?

If one thing is absolutely certain, it’s that ANY accommodation the parasites end up in will NOT be their own…

….but somebody else’s property, the rent paid by Old Muggins, as the tax-payer is known to pinko creeps everywhere.

The media report goes on to say that ‘financial support was withdrawn when the asylum seekers entered the hotels, apparently because the hotels provide three meals a day, basic toiletries and a laundry service.’


‘Logically,’ surely, would be the more appropriate adjective.

Alien snouts stuck in the public purse don’t need cash hand-outs!

But listen to another pinko creep…


Robina Qureshi
Robina Qureshi

…Robina Qureshi, ‘director of the Glasgow-based refugee homelessness charity Positive Action in Housing,’ having a rant about the “desperation” of asylum seekers moved in hotels during lockdown.

Before we add the rest of her rant, readers might be interested to know that even a Glasgow Labour MP was so alarmed at the irresponsible extremism Qureshi’s PAH gang that he went public some years ago.

Back to Creepy Qureshi!

Yesterday’s tragic incident in Glasgow underlines our concerns about the conditions in which vulnerable asylum seekers are forced to live. They have lived like this for over three months now, unable to socially distance, buy crucial mobile phone top-ups, to keep in touch with lawyers and family back home.”

Quite clearly, ‘asylumers’ have more than enough contact with lawyers…

Leeching Off Brit Tax-Payers, ‘Asylum’ Aliens Complain! 

….whose fat fees they seldom if ever pay, leaving that to Old Muggins!

Family back home?’ 


Gambar terkait

Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

Imagine those communications!

C’mon,get over here ASAP. The stupid Brits believe any old lies, stump up for hotels, heck, they’re even paying for this call!’

Sabir ZazaiSabir Zazai


And here’s another pinko creep, Afghan-born Sabir Zazai, ‘chief executive of the Scottish Refugee Council,’ who again blames everybody except the ingrate whining asylum parasites.



Worse, he gratuitously insults the decent Glaswegians whose taxes get ripped off, the same as other Brits’ taxes, to pay for the freebies, claiming that the spongers ‘are no different from the rest of us in Glasgow.’

So there’s the answer.

Next time some dirty barbarian runs amok, kills or injures innocent people, just remember, Old Muggins!


It’s down to you!

You didn’t splurge enough of your hard-earned money on the belly-aching brutes!