‘We Won’t Criticise Terrorist Murders!’ Belfast BLM Fan!

We turned a spotlight on a nasty gang of fanatics called Lasair Dhearg ( since we don’t speak obscure foreign languages, we didn’t then know it means ‘Red Flame!) last week…

Gibraltar 88 OK! Thanks, Ratbags, For The Memory! 

…but its specifically Marxist, as well as pro-terrorist, character has now been made clear, by one of its members, a nasty individual named Pól Torbóid.



It claims to have “a presence in Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, the USA and more”.

As a useful Belfast newspaper report explains, LD’s “publicity material” includes portrayals of Vladimir Lenin -‘as well as often featuring a Soviet-style hammer-and-sickle,’ along with a variety of pictures of vicious IRA terrorists.

Make no  mistake, the policies of these ‘green reds’ are a mirror-image of their subversive BLM counterparts in the USA, not least their determination to gut law enforcement…

...a pledge to counter the “normalisation” of the police, calling the PSNI a “heavily armed paramilitary militia unworthy of the support of the people”.

….and their use of the word ‘people’ refers not to decent honest citizens but to the lawless rabble.


Comrade Torboid boasts openly that the “purpose of the campaign was in the context of the growing Black Lives Matter movement…”

But that moment of candour is fast replaced with breath-taking dissimulation, when Red Flame’s man claims –


We wouldn’t be ones for going out to enflame.”

Except that the marxist vermin chose to erect one of their fake re-namers within yards of the spot where an inoffensive lecturer named Edgar Graham was murdered in cold blood by yellow-belly IRA scum.



Challenged on that cowardly crime, Torboid the Turd showed Lasair Dhearg’s true sub-human clours.

 “We will never condemn any act by the IRA.”