Evil Illegal Pulls Gun On Cops!

This was the first time a migrant had threatened a police officer with a gun.’


I’m sure that statement would not be true if it were an American report, but it’s Bosnia we’re talking about, a small country in the Balkans that has featured here before.

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However, unlike the weak, wet Johnson government in the UK, which has unleashed hundreds of illegal aliens onto British streets –

Unleashing Illegals? Home Office Needs Its Head Read! 

  – and has failed miserably to deport hundreds of parasitic ‘asylum’ fakers back to France…


…a gent named Milorad Dodik, Serbian member of the Bosnian Presidency,’ is taking a patriotic stand, declaring that ‘the police needed to be given more powers to defend themselves.’

Better still, he added that his part of Bosnia ‘would not allow any migrants to remains on its territory and that the international border needed to be sealed..’

We are interested in hermetically closing the borders for migrants and their urgent deportation from Bosnia,” Dodik said..

Even in the sensible Balkans, however, agitprop ‘NGOs’exist ( funded by whom the report does not say!) and we get a hilarious quote from ‘a legal adviser’ at one of them, predictably named “Vasa prava” (Your Rights)



Despite that policewoman having faced a gun-toting savage, the pinko has the nerve to claim that ‘migrants do not pose a threat to the state… Bosnia needed only to enforce the law.’

Not quite, Mr. NGO!

There has been crystal-clear proof of migrants with caches of arms…



…undoubtedly linked to terrorism.

What’s ‘needed’ is clear authority, giving to all law enforcement personnel, to shoot down like dogs any crimmigrant who poses any threat.



Better still if the border guards were afforded permission to take out undesirables staging illegal incursions.

It is not, after all, merely a little local difficulty.

These ‘migrants’ are overwhelming NOT interested in hanging about in Bosnia.

Their goal is to get their snouts into the pockets of German or Scandinavian tax-payers.



Or if they end up in France, to cross the Channel and batten onto the benefits that hundreds of thousands of alien ingrates are already soaking out of the UK public purse!