Essentially, These ‘Protestors’ Are Pigs!

If some ‘personality’ or fake ‘NGO’ –

( I say fake, because so many ‘non-government organisations…’

…actually dig their dishonest snouts into government grants)

– says or does something appalling ( a frequent occurrence!) then I am never slow at providing their email etc. contacts.

They deserve to be bombarded with condemnatory communications.

What I DON’T do is provide anyone’s home address.

That is wrong. Where you live is your place, not for publication…



…so ne’er-do-wells can muster to menace you.

Not so the Red Nazi Antifa, and their BLM rabble comrades.

We have often seen scumbags besiege targets of interest.

Remember this fat-assed grizzly bear?

Chanelle Helm Blm‘Twas that grotesque who ranted ‘just stab the mother-f…..r in the heart…’Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 


And this shameless attempt at home invasion, in Hamilton, Ontario…

Hamilton Ontario – Obnoxious Perverts Besiege Mayor’s Home 

So although I deplore everything about that disgraceful Durkan woman, I am compelled to share her outrage over the arrival at her ( posh) home in Seattle….


  • Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan


…of a far-left rabble.

All the worse that one of her own council members brought the scum to Durkin’s doorstep.

But we should not be surprised, and nor should she…



…as she must be fully aware that Red Nazi Antifa pigs are devoid of any respect for other people’s rights.

Sorry, in retrospect, my headline is unfair to pigs –



– animals do not deserve comparison with such sub-humans as turned that ‘autonomous zone’ of Seattle into an extended sty.