Remember Dominion Day? Hope Springs Eternal!


I haven’t written much about Canada recently but have been watching from afar, in particular the leadership election for the Conservative Party.

There are two good candidates running, one of whom we did look at before…

Don’t Think Canada’s A Lost Cause… Suddenly It’s Sloan

…and my high opinion of the man gets higher with every nasty left-media sneer and smear he collects.

The other one is a lady, who also holds sound views, but has not been subjected to the same levels of hate…


Read this – a rare bit of fair media coverage!


…perhaps because Leslyn Lewis is not only female but also black – though were she to win, those factors would not save her from attacks as vicious as those launched against Mr. Sloan.

They will not win, not this time, either of them.

But the fact that they have held high the truths and the values that once permeated Canadian society shows that there is still much good in the Dominion.

Hence hope springs eternal!