Toronto Cops Collaborate With Red Nazi Scum!

Shocking footage of what fate befalls genuine journalism in today’s Canada, in an age where the overwhelmingly rotten media gets millions in government funding and repays Justin Turdo with collabo coverage!


Just watch this deliberate, disgraceful denial of the right to report in a public place…

…in the city my grandparents once called Toronto the Good, but which they wouldn’t recognise today!

While we expect no better from BLM/Red Nazi Antifa scum, we SHOULD be able to expect Toronto Police to behave like police and not as enforcers for enemies of freedom…

Terror Fans Swarm In Turdistan -Toronto Police Goon Sides With Terror Fans! 

….but going on previous form, perhaps we shouldn’t!

Oh, and if you’re celebrating Canada’s birthday, please send a small present to The Rebel, as they fight for press freedom.