Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White!

Avon and Somerset Police Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.” 


Bad Cop Bennett – hope that’s his resignation letter!


Bennett’s the klutz who ordered his officers to stand back and watch a mob of BLM scumbags commit criminal damage in Bristol.

C’mon, Brits In Bristol! Fire Superintendent Slug! 


He described Avon and Somerset as being a “vibrant, multicultural and diverse” community where there is “no space for hate.” Police enquiries are ongoing. 

So what’s this Clod-Clouseau babbling about now?

Some genocidal threat to innocent blacks,browns, or even whites – no, hardly!

Why would Clod-Clouseau give a monkey’s, since to speak up for the majority population’s right to be the way God made them is…



..as we soon learn, hate-speech, in his opinion!

So what’s the crime for which there’s ‘no space’ in his multicultural paradise patch?

Incitement to murder?

No, nothing like that. Nothing that any sane person would regard as offensive.

Especially us boring old white folks, who never previously felt any need to observe, about God’s gift of life and a pale complexion, that it’s…





Astoundingly, besides Berk Bennett, the RT report managed to find somebody else who was ‘shocked’ by the sentiment, a whiney leftist slug named Shane.

Yet the hack claims that posters with the innocuous assertion have caused…wait for it…


Since decent Brits get fired by bigot bosses for saying ‘All Lives Matter…’

Solidarity With Jake And Megan! All Lives Matter! 

…and not one MP has protested about that injustice, so far as I know, earned outrage is in short supply in the UK.

But manufactured outrage abounds, at least in the imagination of the media and in the HQ of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.