All Lives Matter – ‘Not Reflective Of Christian Values?’

This is completely baffling, the story of Ashleigh Brock and Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, and the college authorities MUST be forced to be a LOT more forthcoming…


Ashleigh Brock HSUAshleigh Brock

….on the ‘disciplinary’ action which followed the young lady’s enunciation of clearly Christian values on social media.

Unless HSU knows something we don’t, and tells us, they appear to have kow-towed to a racist witch-hunt against Ashleigh, who ‘reportedly questioned the validity of the Black Lives Matter movement.’



If her ‘crime’ was her assertion that there is –

“…more outrage when a white person kills a black person than when a black person kills a white person — or even when a black person kills a fellow black person…’.


  •  –

    – then she told the truth!

  • …..
  • She also said that “all lives matter” – which is a fundamental principle of basic Christian values!

On the face of it, she has a much better grasp of her faith than the mealy-mouthed HSU President, Eric Bruntmyer –

Tel. – 325-670-1850

Email –


  • ….whose video ‘explanation’ of why his cabal ‘disappeared’ Ashleigh from that Abilene ‘Christian’ college explains nothing!

He spouts powerfully unconvincing clap-trap.

I suggest concerned readers email ALL the staff listed on the contact link below and ask them why this girl has been condemned by a PC kangaroo court.