Redskins! Redskins! BBC Bias Brutally Blatant?

Up and at ‘em, coffees consumed…



…not my first glimpse of BBC bias at 10am this Saturday morning, and no doubt not the worst as the day unfolds, but we must look at a redskin named Amanda Blackhorse, granted tons of time by leftist louse Lewis Vaughan-Jones.


Debate erupts over Halloween costumes crossing racial lines

.Amanda Blackhorse – practising for her BBC rant?


She used her long rant to grizzle and whine about the American footballers called the Redskins…

Redskin Ranters Turn on Kardashians – Nice One, Khloe! 


PC Pinkos See Red On Player’s Fight-Back on Redskins! 

….whom we have discussed before.

They have long been nagged and pressured by Red Indian agitators, like Blackhorse, to change their team’s name.

Now their Fed Ex sponsors, presumably caught up in the self-righteous jihad against anything that’s normal, are allegedly trying to bully the guys into buckling to the Red Indian extremists.

Blackhorse, typically of the bleaters, won’t be happy, though, unless they grovel too….

Lewis Vaughan Jones in the BBC World News studio presenting the news live on TVLewis Vaughan Jones

…her ‘gimme an inch and I take a mile’ uppity attitude unchallenged by the double-barrelled dingbat pictured above!

They must ‘apologise,’ she shrilled, to BBC bias-brute Lewis Vaughan-Jones’ evident satisfaction, though he had stumbled, initially, by telling us what the report was about!

V-J had mentioned the team’s name!

I encourage BBC not to say the R-Word,” snarked Awful Amanda!

Oh, no!

Washington Redskins!

Would Magua demand a name-change?



There, I say it again, and deliberately put it twice into my headline!

L V-J crawled and crawled, helpfully putting words in The Blackhorse’s big mouth (a genuinely totally unnecessary task!)

L V-J asked her ‘Does it leave a bad taste when you say it?’

But she never says it! She said so!

Therefore we must not say it either?




But what was most notable about the dismal duet?

Since the redskins have been whining for years and the name has not been changed, a lot of people obviously find changing the name unreasonable and/or unacceptable.

So where were any BBC guests to voice that sentiment this morning?

Where was a single soul to oppose the whiners?

Who was brought on screen to speak against the name change?

Thousands of Americans undoubtedly have no time for Blackstone’s bleating.

Could the BBC not have found just one, to present a semblance of balance?


NOT one!

PS They even gave that nut redskin stuff priority news level above re-opening of English pubs!