Vengeful BLM Scumbags Back Off…For Now!

The McCloskeys became overnight heroes when they took up arms to defend themselves against a mob of BLM scumbags.

BLM Terror Victims Get Scolded For Their Courage! 

Personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey emerge Sunday evening from their Portland Place house pointing guns at protesters who were on their way to protest in front of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's house.| 6/28/20

Mark and Patricia McCloskey

We were told that we would be killed, our home burned, and our dog killed.”

But to the vermin elements in American society, like BLM, Antifa etc., they are now symbols of everything the left hates, freedom-loving citizens who won’t bow to rabble-rule.

Now read this!


Sure enough, the ‘ExpectUs’ scum showed up, but took one look at the armed security, then, as one EXPECTS of cultural marxist low-lifes…


KSDK News | Protesters gather for Expect Us rally |


…turned tail, doubtless in search of easier prey.

The sooner somebody puts the rabble down, the better.