Hunt Down Hate-Freak Heather…And FIRE HER!

If you live in Manchester or thereabouts, this fanatic leftist might be poisoning YOUR child’s mind…


…by teaching lies about non-existent phenomena, e.g. ‘white privilege,’ a phrase which is inspired by hate and calculated to spread hate.



Surely foisting BLM bilge on young minds should be a sackable offence?

Is it no longer a violation of a teacher’s sworn duty to indoctrinate children?

Who can ID this dangerous woman?


Image may contain: text that says 'neatner Tweets Following Heather @heather_coookie 11m Planned and a BLM lesson at school today. At the start, one child was saying all lives matter, the she recognised white privilege and was saying black lives matter. won't stop making positive impact on society. Tomorrow we are writing letters to Boris. Heather Retweeted ella @ellawwfc 7h hope everyone who's complaining about the protests won' be flocking pubs on the june Surely a pint isn't more important than advocating for basic human rights? 5.6K 165 20K Show this thread'

If this weakling Tory government had even an inch of backbone, the Secretary of State for Education would be despatched to tour the country’s schools, to supervise a purge of cultural marxists.



Any local authority that gets uppity in response, or declines to cooperate in safeguarding kids from the likes of ‘Heather,’ needs to be dealt with as the GLC was.

If Bojo’s bunch won’t, time for a new party!