Nut-Job Non-Black Faker ‘Revitalised’ By BLM!

Remember that pathetic phoney Rachel Dolezal, whom we discussed a few years ago.

Dolezal – Malignant Masquerade Over!?! 

Embedded image permalink same person!

True Colors – Blackin’ Up Is Hard To Do! 

It seems that not only are the BLM scumbag rabble lawlessly tearing down statues but the morons are also lifting up stones!

And look what’s crawling out from under!

Dolezal is back!

And she says she is ‘revitalised.’

Nor is that all!

I do hope that we can rework the vocabulary. That’s part of challenging the race world view…”

Most of you will probably agree with me that our vocabulary has been reworked more than enough…

When Even Obummer Wearies Of Woke-Weasels? .



Woke’ Is A Past Tense Verb, Not An Adjective – Please Use ‘Red Nazi!’ 

….good old words like ‘woke’ transformed from the pleasant verb meaning what we did this morning into an adjective meaning sick/brain-washed/leftist.

But maybe Dolezal isn’t as dim-witted as we all think.

Reworking the vocabulary might just be seen by the likes of Dolezal as reworking ‘black’ to mean ‘anyone who pretends to be black!’


Much as fake-women want to be called women, even though they are simply maladjusted men!

In fact, if ‘reparations’

– the outrageous plunder-plan promoted by BLM uppities, by which decent Americans’ taxes…


The US dollar remains king, U.S dollar gains against major currencies, America threatens China with sanctions., U.S dollar slumps against major currencies, investors become optimistic about global demand, U.S Dollar Stands Firm, Foreign Exchange Traders Remain Neutral 


…will be used as largesse, hand-outs to work-shy wasters claiming descent from slaves!

….if that comes to pass, honest black people will turn it down, out of self-respect, of course…



…but there will no doubt be plenty of others, with no self-respect, who will be lining up to stick their snouts in the tax-trough!

And who’s to say that fake-blacks, like Dolezal, won’t try ‘re-working’ not just vocabulary, but reality, and expect the largesse to be ‘inclusive’ -that’s another woke-word, after all!

They too might try to present themselves as prospective participants in the reparations rip-off – extras in the BLM Beggars’ Opera!

So tomorrow I shall choose a suitably non-white name, like Trayvon or Rayshard, and start sun-bathing even more diligently.

You too!

Why should we miss out, just because, like Dolezal, we’re not black!

Or indeed, just because we’re not American!