Foul-Mouthed Leftist Savages Attempt Arson!

We wrote just recently about how wrong it was to besiege anybody’s home, even someone as unwholesome as a leftist dork…

Essentially, These ‘Protestors’ Are Pigs! 

….but now we have another case of ignorant savages launching another attack on the place a completely innocent person calls home!


Attempted arson in Memphis, Tennessee!

They’re a courageous as well as coarse collection of klutzes!

Maria who declined to give her last name, works with the Memphis Activism Calendar, Native Rites and Vecindarios901, a group that responds to ICE raids.

So this Maria was so gutless she wouldn’t identify herself? And is it true that these leftist scumbags were not BLM?



But their pro-crimmigrant agenda certainly places them on the far-left, ideological soul-mates of the BLM cultural marxist revolution.


Activist Amber Sherman joined about 40 protesters outside of Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich's home in East Memphis

‘Maria, Maria, Maria!’ Look at the fat sow – not much deprivation!

These scumbags ‘shot fireworks’ at the home of a woman they don’t like.

Their intended victim’s name is Amy Weirich and she’s a District Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee.

Nor was that criminal behaviour the filthy louts’ only lawless act.

The foul-mouthed swine ‘blocked several streets’ and ‘removed’ (should that not be ‘stole’ ) American flags from her front yard.


And ‘set a U.S. flag on fire!’

So where were the cops?

They did show up, and the cowardly scum scuttled off!

Perhaps a pity!

This could have been a golden opportunity to baton charge the brutes…



…or even take out any uppities who refused to disperse?

What do you think?

Read the whole story and decide if you agree with me!

…the whole Independence Day episode was documented on now-deleted video..

‘This is our street, motherf***er!’: Protesters shoot fireworks toward district attorney’s home on July 4, block streets, burn American flag