Did IRA Army Council Meet In Leinster House?

If the leadership of the ISIS rape gang were to be seen openly convening…



….in the parliament building of any Arab  country – or any country at all – there would ( one hopes!) be outraged protests and diplomatic ructions galore.

Yet such an observation has been made about another group of perverted, blood-thirsty scum  – the IRA Army Council – in Leinster House, Dublin home of the Oireachtas, the law-making body of Ulster’s bad neighbour, Eire.


20130810 dublin214.JPG

Leinster House, Dublin

 It’s really not that often that we can praise material published in the media of the hostile, expansionist republic next door…


…but if you scan the piece by Stephen Collins in the Irish Times last week, you’ll find a lucid look at an evil to which too many British politicians…


Image result for evil irishman


…and by that I mean British politicians in Ulster and on the mainland, are happy to turn a blind eye.

Sinn Fein are villainous vermin, whom folks who love freedom should abhor!