Toronto Cops In League With Antifa Lice!

Toronto, as I say too often, was once a lovely, civilised city, but those who can remember that time, of Toronto the Good, are slowly dying off and probably they are not that sad to go when they see what’s become of the place.

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But today, I pass on a specific case of why modern Toronto stinks, a call for help, for action…



…from Ezra Levant, issued to the one of the worst police forces in North America.


On at least three occasions, when I’ve gone down there, I’ve been attacked by the Antifa mob that is permanently camped out in front of city hall. Incredibly, city security guards and even official Toronto police just stand by and do nothing. They’ve obviously been ordered to surrender to the Antifa mob.

But when one of the thugs down there attacked our cameraman Efron, we caught it all on tape — including very clear images of the criminal’s face. He’s absolutely identifiable.

And the craziest part is, he’s still there right now, just milling around city hall. He hasn’t been arrested. In fact, the city is helping them, even paying for portable toilets to be brought in, to make the protesters more comfortable as they break the law.

This is nuts.

So last week, our lawyers wrote a formal letter to Toronto’s police chief, giving him details of how our cameraman was attacked and giving them clear video footage of the incident. We insisted that the police arrest and charge the criminal.

You can read our lawyer’s letter by clicking here.

But so far, Toronto police haven’t done anything. In the U.S., there are debates about “abolishing” the police. But here in Canada’s biggest city, it’s like the police have decided to abolish themselves!