UK College Collabos Pander To Pariah Tyranny!

If online courses had been around in the inter-war years, would British universities have obliged Hitler…


….by enforcing Nazi Germany’s “local regulations” that declared untouchable any material written by Jews?

We need to ask, because, only this week, Universities UK declared that it would jump to attention and begin “complying with local regulations”.

…issued by the murderous dictatorship in Beijing which,too slowly, alas, is being recognised by civilised countries as a regime that should be decreed a pariah state.

Yet simultaneously, we read, the universities’ body rejected that this was accepting “censorship.”

Universities UK has unique perspectives on what’s right and what’s wrong.

We noticed this years ago!



Universities Can Segregate Men And Women For Debates, Says Universities UK

Despite this same week’s news from Hong Kong, where Xi’s red gestapo has been purging student libraries of books that might incline readers to revere the freedoms that communism everywhere wars down…

…Universities UK blithely claims to be “not aware of any instances when course content has been altered,” and bleated about how collaboration with a regime that has killed more of its own people than Hitler…



would allow students in China to have better access to UK courses…

Universities UK, at the very least, should require of Red China a guarantee that any and all books should be accessible by students behind the Bamboo Curtain.

But of course, like any promise made by the disreputable CCP gang, such a pledge would be dishonoured almost before it could be made public.


That’s what marxists do!